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- Male -

      The males have the thick stocky bodies, powerful front legs, slender tail base, and mane of a lion. Their hind legs are those of cattle and are very powerful. On the tip of their tail they have a long feather.With a horse like head they then have somewhat of a mask on with one fang that sticks out. Their noses are like cats, and their ears are small and hidden under the mane. Having all black eyes except one single colored orb (any color). Males also have horns of a bull, ram, or buck antlers. They have a big fliffy mane, fuzz under their bellies, and on the back of their front legs. They have retractable claws.

- Female -

       The females have a slender lioness-like body and front legs. The tail is just like the males except a smaller feather. Once more their hinds are those of cattle and their faces, nose,claws, eyes and ears are the same as the males. The females have antalope like horns and a horse like mane. There is NO extra fuzz like the males though.

- Coloring -
       All Ligerians have the pelt patterns of todays horses. For example: Dapple, Chestnut, Bay, ect. They also have stockings, blazes and other small marks like that. If youre not sure what horse patterns are please ask me or google it.


- History -

       First spotted in ancient Greece, it was captured as an infant and raised a royalty. These beasts were dressed in gold and highly rare jewerly for they were gods umong the people in their eyes. Said to be made by Aries, the Ligerians wore his emblem on the center of their foreheads in a beautiful gold and silver headband.

- Powers and abilities -

      The only unatural ability the Ligerians have is being able to read and communicate through their minds and anything around them that has a beating heart. They can also see slight vissions of the past events. Other than those they can't preform anything unatural.

- Social Lives -

      Ligiarians live in clans anywhere from 5 to 20 ligerians in a group. When there are young around there will be one female and one male who will watch the young frolic and play, not being allowed to venture out of a few leaps pace.

- Personalities -

       These creatures are naturally curious and protective, there are no loners or shy Ligerians. However the mother when she is pregtnant or in heat will stay within the clan and not venture out.

- Body, Location, Prey, and Such -

       The Ligerian is built for all areas of the world but their fur thickness will depend on the climate for example: thinner fur for more desert/jungle like terrains and thicker for more winter mountain top locations. They are carnivores and depend on other species in nature to prey on. Once again depending where the Ligerian lives depends on its prey.

- Mating -

       When a female is in heat she wont allow a male to mount her untill about 5 days into her heat. These animals however are very private about their "special time" and will venture about a mile from their clan to finish the deed.

- Young -

       When the young are born it's usuialy a litter of 3 to 8. The clan is not allowed to visit up and close untill about a week after birth due to the fact some male Ligerians will consume the young (not the father). Once the young are a week old they are able to see, smell, hear, and walk almost perfectly. They do not grow their horns until about the age of a month then they will be able to be watched and protected by other clan members. The mother stops nursing them at the age of three weeks.

- Other things -

       Ligerians live to be about 1000 years old. however the oldest recorded was 1562 years old but no others have ever gotten close, his skull was dark brown. The skulls will be either white, grey, or a rustic tan. That resembles their age. White is 0 - 50 years old. Light grey is 50 - 200 years old. Rustic tan os 200 - 1000 years old. They reatch maturity and breeding age at 100 years old. They are around the size of an draft horse.


- Things I ask of you -

   There are no adoptables that leave this group! Please do NOT just make adoptables or breed your Ligerians without asking me first and make sure you have people who are intrested in keeping some of the young. I hate to see a lot of young in the "need a home" stage. I dont mind if you want to breed your ligerians please just as first and dont make any adoptables without asking me first. THERE ARE NO POINT ADOPTABLES UNLESS YOU ARE AN ADMN. I want this group to be a lot of fun so let your imaginattion of the ligerian come true I am very welcome to new ideas but there may be some things i turn away because they do have a guide line.

If I missed anything or if youre currious to something please ask me any time!
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