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{ - Welcome Travelers - }

We're a small group of hearty Vikings living on an island off of Greenland, the terrain is cold and mountainous, called Drekwood - Where it snows 7 months out of the year and rains the other 5. The land is fertile and young. Our village is found in the most Northern realm of Drekwood in a shallow, carved out bowl valley, surrounded by jagged mountains and thick forests. In the Eastern corner is a large freshwater lake that allows rivers to vein out all among the land that eventually leads to waterfalls that spill into the ocean blue below.

The ocean surrounds our island, it holds beasts of all sizes. Some small enough for our hooks to catch and others massive, they sing long beautiful songs through the night. Our forests hold antlered creatures, and great bears along with other forest dwellers. Our lakes are lively with freshwater fish, shelled creatures and frogs. Many birds of prey swoop in to dine. In our village we raise many species of livestock, mostly cows, goats, and pigs.

Everyone who lives in Drekwood is very different and special in their own ways - whether that's because they're missing limbs or eyes, or it's their violently pleasant attitudes. However, there is one thing that everyone there has in common. Dragons.

Here in Drekwood everyone has a loyal partner, and it's their dragon. Their dragon helps them out with their daily chores or starting off on their own adventures. There is a special bond that no one can truly explain about a dragon and their owner and or rider. You two are just a team for life.

Now, go on with your dragon and start your own adventures. We will be here at Drekwood awaiting your tales of glorious treasures and travels! Don't hold back!


{ - A Few Things To Keep In Mind - }

We want you to use your imagination and creativity! There really are no limits or restrictions on your dragon companion - however, please do not make the dragon bigger than our land or too overpowering! We honestly want you to have your mind run wild with creative thoughts and enjoy your time here at Drekwood.

Here at Guardians Of The Land we welcome all kinds of art, We don't care if it's writing - traditional drawings - photography or anything else! Use your own talents to create your own life here.

Last we are a How To Train Your Dragon fan group so if you want you can use any species of dragon they used OR you can create your own species. If you make your own please give a reference sheet explaining the species (lifespan, colors, textures- fur or scales or ect, abilities, breeding and maturity age, ect...also if you would be okay in sharing that species and allowing other GROUP members to use it as a base for their own dragons).

If you have any questions feel free to message me BrownSwissAndLove or Elitemonkeys

**Also we will be doing contests and other fun things!** if you have any ideas we will be happy to listen!
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